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A toast you don’t hear much anymore

It goes something like this: Here’s to cops. The beat cops: uniforms, flatfoots, the rookies and the vets. The men in blue – and the women – who get called everything your mother told you not to say, back when you were a kid and remembered what it was like to respect other people. The … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist

Comforting pup

Eight Bells on the Last Dog’s Watch

It was a short errand, but I put on my gear, anyway. Might as well pretend I know what I'm doing. We have a motorcycle ride scheduled for Monday, up along some of my favorite King and Snohomish county roads. I laid out the route on Friday morning. It's a good one. One of my accustomed errands is to prep the bikes. With Pretty Wife's little black Triumph (like a little black dress, it fit most any occasion) parked in by the van and truck, I motocrossed it around the house, through the back yard and up past the garage. It has a great frame, … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

Team Spirit

ROK ‘n’ roll

Once upon a time back in the misty past of the early 1980s, a geeky 19-y.o. pushed BCGs up his nose, hoisted a green duffel over his green polyester leisure suit with its one lonely ribbon, and got onto Flight 007 to head for the Republic of Korea via Japan. We didn't yet know how close we were to the end of that chilly interregnum known as the Cold War. My flight number was 007, which raised my eyebrows just a little – and not because of James Bond. James Bond's elegant dinner jackets were fading, soon to give way to Steven Seagal's greasy … [Read More...]

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