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Scuffs and Patches

Smalldaughter’s tone was polite but imperative. It was the second sentence that moved me into a sprint that made my back quit hurting. I heard her voice echo down the hall. “Jack, I need you. “Ruby got hit by a car.” The girls’ trust is touching. I wasn’t as  calm as they are when I … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist

Comforting pup

Eight Bells on the Last Dog’s Watch

It was a short errand, but I put on my gear, anyway. Might as well pretend I know what I'm doing. We have a motorcycle ride scheduled for Monday, up along some of my favorite King and Snohomish county roads. I laid out the route on Friday morning. It's a good one. One of my accustomed errands is to prep the bikes. With Pretty Wife's little black Triumph (like a little black dress, it fit most any occasion) parked in by the van and truck, I motocrossed it around the house, through the back yard and up past the garage. It has a great frame, … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues


Open Email to the Christian Coalition of America

ON 17April13, I received the following communication from the Christian Coalition of America: Dear Friend, Believe it or not, materials in an official US Army Reserve training program listed evangelical Christians as “extremists”. It even lumped us into the same category as the KKK, Hamas and Al Qaeda. Yes, really. After receiving numerous complaints from clergy and other concerned Christians, that portion of the material was removed and the Army proceeded to blame underlings for its inclusion. Of course we are accustomed to … [Read More...]

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